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Safe Guard Your website, SaaS applications, and database administration tools with the robust security of web and applications. Benefit from your online business and degrade the possible vulnerabilities of the attacks.

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Web applications secured with a cyber lock vector
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How your Web Application is vulnerable?

Your Web application is a high priority for cyber perpetrators. Web and applications are vulnerable to weakness in API, design flaws, access control, third-party widgets, and open-source code. These vulnerabilities expose your applications to SQL Injection, Brute force, Cookie-poisoning, session hijacking, and considerable common threats relating to the web and applications.

How do Web and Applications security protect you from these vulnerabilities?

Web Applications needs diverse approach to security to protect them from vulnerabilities. Web application firewalls are the most comprehensive approach to the security of the web. Web application firewalls monitor the traffic among the users and web applications. With a defined configured policy, WAF determines safe and unsafe traffic, blocks malicious traffic into a web application, and blocks the release of unauthorized data from the application.

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