Storage and Backup Solutions

Avoid mishaps of data breach and place it on secure location and take backup
Access the data readily and manages the copies of business interest.

Operating Storage and backup devices interconnected

Info Guard Partners with the best Storage and backup solutions providers to store your maximum data and take backup of the data. We entrust you to avoid any mishap in case of hardware failure, file corruption, or a disaster by the nature.

Netapp disk storage hardware

Net App Data Storage

Let the NetApp software-hardware storage system store and retrieve data. Modernize the environment of your storage system by storing the data with NetApp technologies. Build your data Centre more powerful to manage multiple workloads, petabytes of data, and thousands of end users with the trusted cloud connectivity of NetApp to which Info Guard Technologies Is a partner.

dell EMC storage for data center

Dell EMC Storage

Go deep into your data with a best-converged system to drive the desired result. Efficiently handles the workloads and discovers the hidden value. With dell EMC you can get analytical queries up to 34% faster, reduce latency up to 22%, and can improve application performance to 30%...

HP storage

HP Storage

HP Storage simplifies the management of data and plays a key role in accelerating business transformation. HP Storage Solution Protects your data, reconstruct the unstructured data and get the data connected through networking.

Info Guard Offers both Storage Area Network (SAN) and Network Attached Storage (NAS)

To store more data of customers in an easy and cost-effective way Info Guard offers network-based storage solutions of SAN and NAS. We aim to help you not lose the information of your business interest and access them securely through an integrated network.

San storage

SAN Storage

SAN Storage functions as a network of multiple devices including SSD, cloud storage, and a more relevant storage system. It is block storage with a fiber channel network built for multiple users with high speed. SAN is expandable but with a complex setup.

Nas storage

NAS Storage

NAS Is made up of a redundant array of Independent disks. It is a single storage device with TCP/IP Ethernet network. It has limited speed, users, and expansion options but is cost-effective and easy to set up.

Partners for Storage and Backup Solutions

We partner with the best IT Infrastructure provider of Storage and Backup.

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