Shield the endpoints of your operating systems against malicious attacks.

Take precautionary steps in favor of your endpoint devices. Stay beware of unauthorized attacks that aim to endanger your critical business data. Secure it with an integrated endpoint security solution.

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Endpoint devices protected with endpoint security

Protect and Secure Your End Point with Advanced Cyber security solution

Files on endpoint protected by cyberlocker and shield

A Short Introduction to End Point Security

As the name suggests, Endpoint Security functions as a protection wall for an end user’s devices, such as computers, laptops, or other operating systems. Endpoint protection safeguards devices against unauthorized and malicious attacks. The function of the endpoint is to thwart cyberattacks on endpoints within a network or on a cloud.

The endpoint operating system is protected by a cyber shield

What is End Point Detection (EDR)?

End Point Detection is an integrated endpoint security solution. EDR tracks data from endpoints that show a threat and analyzes the particular data to understand the pattern of the threat. EDR then responds to the threats and contains them in real time.

Structure of the endpoint security in operation

Why is endpoint security needed for endpoint devices?

Data and information privacy and security are of utmost importance for every type of organization, whether it is profitable or not. As technology has made these organizations dependent on computers, They upload and store critical data within the computer system. On the one hand, it has brought efficiency to their operations; on the other, it has invited cyber-attacks and threats from unauthorized sources. Endpoint security ensures the protection of data and information on endpoint devices. It works as frontline and blocks the network of enterprises from hackers and cyber attackers.

Decrease Risk

Installing an endpoint security solution into your operating system reduces the risk of business data loss or leakage.

Improve Compliance

As your system's endpoint security, It improves compliance within your organization to process data and information without any fear.

Detect Faster

The endpoint EDR system detects unauthorized acts faster with an automated response.

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