Data Loss Prevention Solutions (DLP) for medium-sized businesses and enterprises.

Do a contextual analysis of the data and inspect the content with DLP Solutions. Join hands with us for the prevention of your sensitive data and install a DLP solution within your system.

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Security locker specific to DLP

Mitigate, data leaks, data loss, and data theft through an Integrated DLP Solution

Protected USB

Control Storage Device

Control the use of the USB and related portable devices for storage. Protect your vital data and the health of your network by enforcing strong policies.

Sensitive files of enterprises on devices protected with Cyber shield

Content Protection

Ensure the safety of sensitive data within your network. Strongly monitor and control each of the exit points, whether it is an instant messaging application, web browser, or services of cloud storage.

Cyber locker and secure files on the screen

Why DLP Security Solution is important for enterprises?

In Information technology, your data assets are exposed to outside attacks or insider threats. The Same needs protection and strong security. DLP Solution inspects the content, analyzes data contextually, and ensures the smooth and secure transfer of files, that may include highly important data of the business. For removable storage, DLP Solution ensure enforced encryption. In short, it is a modern security approach to modern IT Security threats.

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