IP Telephony

Transform the way of communication into a modern advanced and cost-effective Solution for IP Telephony.

IP Telephony connected with the operating system

Connect with teammates anytime in an affordable Manner in UAE

Interconnected IP telephony

Why IP Telephony Solution On Workspace?

Internet Protocol Telephony is the modern method of communication. It connects the complete workforce,whether they are in a remote office or in the main office. Through the use of IP Telephony communication becomes easy and cheap for an organization. Using IP Telephony,a team member can arrange a video call and conferencing can chat verbally or textually Cost-effective.

Hardware of IP telephony

Info Guard helps you with best IP Telephony Solutions in UAE.

To make your workspace more productive and connected all the time. Info Guard technologies help you with the best IP Telephony installation and integration in the UAE cost-effectively.

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