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Microsoft Visual Studio for Professional Use

As a paid version of the Integrated development environment (IDE), Visual studio professional is the best choice for small teams and developers. Features wise Visual Studio professional is rich by supporting profiling, debugging, access to cloud services of Azure DevOps, and unit testing tools.

Microsoft Visual Studio for Enterprise Use

Visual Studio for enterprises Is more advanced in features and operations. In addition to visual studio professional features. Enterprises visual studio supports more advanced testing, load testing tools, CodeLens, and IntelliTrace. Enterprise visual studio is more comprehensive for increased productivity, without any compromise on the quality of the software.

Visual Studio for Mac Use

Visual Studio for Mac is a compatible version of the Integrated development environment (IDE). It operates seamlessly on the macOS platform and supports the developers with advanced coding, profiling, and debugging. On top, you can integrate with Azure DevOps.

Benefits of Visual Studio for Development.

Visual Studio is a suitable solution for the development of sophisticated technologies. It enables the development of, desktop applications, and Mobile applications for the operating system of IOS, Android, and Windows Phone. Additionally, Visual Studio Supports XML services as well.

Visual Studio is the top priority of developers due to its flexibility in supporting several programming languages. They find the application easy to use for the coding and development of sophisticated applications.

The professional and enterprise use of the visual studio surpasses the community edition and lets the enterprise build superior and advanced technologies with the paid edition.

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