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Terms and Conditions

Info Guard Tecnologies LLC (IGT), (hereinafter “Info Guard”) is an Information technology company that provides IT products and services to businesses or entities. If a specific entity or individual person (hereinafter “person “or “users”) wants to benefits from Info Guard services or products, then he/she is supposed to abide by the following Terms and conditions (hereinafter “Terms”). If a person agreed to the terms then He /she can use Info Guard products and services in the identified condition, or if he/she isn’t agreed then the specific person can abandon or quit the use of Info Guard services or website.


Info Guard allows its users to integrate Info Guard solutions with each other. Users can also integrate third-party solutions with Info Guard solutions if such a party allows their integration. In the case of third-party integration, terms of service of the third-party will apply to the third-party solutions, not that of the Info Guard terms. Before using third-party solutions, users ought to go through the terms of service and third party's Privacy Policy.

Usage limits of Info Guard Products

A user's usage limits are based on the subscription they select. To avail uninterrupted service, users must ensure that their usage does not exceed their usage limits, which is prescribed by the Info Guard on a subscription basis. If the user exceeds its usage limits, in such a scenario Info Guard may restrict its services on such activity.


With time Info Guard may modify its terms and conditions. Beings the users of Info Guard products or services, modified terms will apply to the users, following its publications.

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