Kaspersky Lab’s multi-layered protection technologies are developed in-house by people passionate about security. The result, independent tests confrm, is the most powerful and effective security solution in the industry — there is no better protection for your organization.


Application Control with Dynamic Whitelisting

using real-time fle
reputations delivered by the Kaspersky Security Network, enables IT administrators to allow, block or regulate
applications, including operating a
‘Default Deny’ whitelisting scenario in
a live or test environment. Application
Privilege Control and Vulnerability
Scanning monitor applications and restrict those performing suspiciously

Managed together with endpoint
security through Kaspersky Security

Powerful Security for Mobile Devices

advanced, proactive
and cloud-assisted technologies
combine to deliver multi-layered realtime mobile endpoint protection.

Vulnerability and Patch Management

 automated OS and
application vulnerability detection
and prioritization, combined with
the rapid automated distribution of
patches and updates