The Company


Info Guard Technologies (IGT) LLC is established in 2015 under the motive of “NEVER GIVE UP”, and that every problem has a solution. IGT is new end-to-end information technology solutions provider, based in Dubai, UAE, providing an excellent IT services and security solutions to small and medium organisations (SMBs) as well as to enterprises all over in the Middle East.

IGT aims to establish long term relationships with its valuable customers based on mutual trust in order to help organisations to achieve its long term goals and objectives in a most efficient and effective way. We primarily operate in the UAE, but have provided IT support to other countries. We believe that your success in information technology is primarily our commitment to excellence.

IGT goal is to secure the organisation information by providing different security solutions as well as technical assistance. IGT proposes different types of strategies and information security assistance like technology decisions, IT process improvement and assets management that help organisations to make crucial strategic decision, in order to safeguard the valuable assets of organisation. Our team is capable to accept any sort of IT security challenge.