Automatically track the time and attendance of your workforce.

Streamline the duty hours of the entire workforce. Track their, check-in, check-out, leave, holidays, and payroll, all in a single integrated time and attendance software.

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Process and infrastructure for time attendance software

One-of-a-kind AI-driven face recognition attendance software 

Eliminate spreadsheet-type attendance and make your attendance more accurate. Let the AI-driven Time Attendance Solution look after your workforce's attendance in a more advanced and efficient way. Recognize the face with the mask on for safety and protocol reasons.

Face recognition attendance In Mobile App

Check-In and Check-Out In Mobile attendance App

Powerful Mobile attendance system form anytime, anywhere

Say no to using extra hardware for attendance and instead use the raideTime mobile app. Check and take attendance from anywhere, and give your distributed workforce a great experience.

An advanced geo-fencing system for locating

A time and attendance software solution let the employee mark their attendance at a defined location with the help of their mobile phone. It is an excellent Solution for field staff, contract workers, and remote staff.

Geo_fencing System In time attendance software

Common Features of Time Attendance Solution that scale up the Team

Our Time attendance solution is not limited to attendence. It offers you more benefits that assist in scaling your workforce during their duty hours. raide Time Attendance is the one-in-all solution for businesses like yours. It makes things simple for the management.

Why do you need time and attendance software?

With the advancement of technology, Organizational requirements and human behavioral patterns are changing. It necessitates businesses to align their organizational requirements with technological solutions. Time and attendance software is an integrated software solution that manages the duty hours of employees. It provides agility for the manager as well as the employees. Unlike the traditional approach, the software not only tracks time and attendance. However, it gives you information about the workforce's performance. It makes the team members more focused on work and helps in making informed decisions.


Centralize Office

Enable your organization to efficiently track and manage the centralized office.

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Time and attendance software helps you to bring agility to your organization.

Employee Reports

Advanced Reports

With a single interface, the manager can view the complete report of the employee.

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