Scale Trucks and built with accuracy

Incorporate the weighbridge system into your industry to scale the weight in real-time. Manage the complete involved process and let the axle move stead and fast.

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Truck on Weighing scale

Static Weighing

Get the total gross weight of the motionless vehicle on time in high accuracy. Process the Scale weight to the computer system. Operate the involved tools of CCTVs, traffic lights, and barriers from a single raideWeighning Solution. Be accurate in scaling and faster in the deliverance.

Truck on static weighing scale and software showing the weight
In motion axle weighing scale on software

In-Motion Axle Weighing

Don’t stop the in-motion axle and scale the overall weight of the vehicles by using the in-motion Axle scale. Get the real-time total weight of the moving vehicles. Save the weight in the system and use it for the later.

Belt Weighing

Determine the weight of the materials on the belt with the belt weighing reliable software. Measure and scale multiple conveyors from a single solution and accurately measure and scale the material built.

Build weighing integrated with a software solution

Client reference for raideweighning

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