Scale up the end-user experience with raideDesk

Improve the IT Processes of your organization. RaideDesk helps you to monitor, assess, and resolve recurring problems on time. Educate the end users and track tickets for improved efficiency in the workplace.

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Operating System on Help Desk

Delivers a High-Quality Experience to the end users.

Make your organization efficient in quality services, whether you deal with employees or customers. raideDesk enables you to resolve recurring problems on time and efficiently manage resources and customers.

Customer mobile for self-service

Self Service Portal

Give your workforce and customers the freedom to find answers to their queries on the self-service portal. Using the self-service portal, they can get all the relevant information they need in real-time.

Customer representative and customer on IT help desk

Service Desk

Don't waste time on manual processes; keep the employees and customers informed of routine activities. Provide them the choice to find their task, streamline their workflow, and provide customers with their required information.

Customer request

Request Management

Manage all the incoming requests on a single platform with raise desk request management. Manage requests from emails, chat, and other related requests and configure the queue to track and assign incoming tasks.

Company assets

Assets Management

Store all of the assets of your organization. Track the inventory regularly, the support's ownership and lifecycle of the assets, and the cost reduction of the assets .

SLA Agreement form

Set Service Level Agreements (SLA)

Prevent SLA breaches and implement as many SLA policies as possible. Follow the ultimate elapsed time and meet the deadlines. Automate the organization's rules to keep the team members informed on the SLA.

Form of reports of IT helps desk

Robust Reports.

Automatically generates robust reports relating to your customers as well as the workforce. The reports help you better understand the behavior of the customers and the performance of the particular employee.

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