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Consolidate multiple tasks into a single source. Track the performance of every task in real-time and complete each of your tasks within the timeframe you set.

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Task Management Features to fulfill your needs

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Plan a task

Plan a task. Assign a task to a team member and set a deadline for the completion of a task. Track the progress of the task. Planning tasks within task management allow you to properly organize and assign tasks while addressing all important aspects from a single integrated solution.

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Collaborate with team members

Collaborate with your team members on exchanging information and updates. Employees and managers can check the activity of the team members. Task management allows you to collaboration both remotely and on-site. So, you can resolve all the queries you have from a team member from an integrated source.


Track the time.

The most important factor in a task is tracking the time. The data on a specific time duration for a specific task assists the organization in determining which resource is valuable for which task. On top of that, you can make an informed decision on your next project and task by making use of the available data.

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Field Service Management

With the help of task management, you can deploy personnel for fieldwork. It may be the workforce of plumbing, electrician, or shifting. The use of task management eases the process for the workforce in the field. It helps track their time for a specific task within a specific day.

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Deploy task management to speed up the workforce.

Deploying task management into your organizational setup helps your organization complete tasks with determination. Task management track every aspect involves in the task with it a piece of information, allocated resources, and the available time for the completion of the task. Transforming the process of your task management will help your organization deliver quality work while meeting the deadline.

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The 24/7 Support

We aim to ensure dedicated support for your consistent operation of task management.

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Software Integration

Integrate the task management software with the InfoGuard solutions of raideHCM, raideTIME, or a third-party solution.

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Easy Installation

Install the raideTask software without sparing the maximum time and assign the task automatically.

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