Popular Sales and Marketing CRM to unleash a new horizon for your business.

Automate the workflow of sales and marketing with Popular CRM. Uncover the potential of your sales and marketing team by providing them the tools they deserve . Drive more leads, opportunities, and ROI for your organization.

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Start Your Sales and Marketing Journey with raideCRM

Prospecting In CRM

Do Prospecting

Use the existing customers’ database and prospects more potential customers. Engage with them and make them the current customers.

Leads increasing

Converts Leads

Get connected with the leads that are most interested in your solutions. Differentiate between hot and cold leads and consume your energy on that.

Opportunities arrow

Track Opportunities

Track the potential deals and their details. Make more of the leads and convert them into an opportunity and comprehend the complete sales process.

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Automate Sales

Automate your sales process and close more sales in less time. Cut the repetitive and mundane tasks and get paid with sales.

Actionable Insights in CRM

Take insightful actions

Make informed decisions for the future of your business. Track the activities of the sales and marketing and get all the available data from it.

Return on Investment

Increase ROI

Increase your Roi by using the raidecrm solution And touch new heights In your business.

CRM dashboard and sales and marketing reports

Meet the requirements of the Customers and make them feel valued by your Products and Services

Why raideCRM Is the right Solution for your business?

raidecrm is a sales and marketing software. It helps you in identifying potential customers. Using raideCRM you sell your products without much effort. Meet their requirements and mold your solutions to their need.

Integration arrow of CRM

Do Integration

Integrate the solution with the software you use to make easy flowing your work.

Hands In hands with customer

Build Relations

Build Relations with customers and offers your solutions more than once.

Cost reducing


InraideCRM Is a cost-effective solution with advanced features required for such a solution.

Key Features of raideCRM

Customers Accounts
The customer is king, and so is their data. The CRM application includes a module for entering and saving complete customer information. This helps the sales representatives take advantage of the available information and find more potential customers using the data of the existing ones.
Lead Management
Lead generation and conversion work as the backbone of enterprises. The CRM application reveals the mechanism of the converting lead generation, unknown before. Using the lead tool of the CRM application, a sales representative can track the value of the lead and focus more on the convertible leads.
Opportunities Explorations
Opportunity provides ease in the conversion of leads. The role of opportunities exploration in CRM software is to prioritize leads who have expressed a strong interest in your product or service.Opportunities guide the tracking of leads and entering them into deals.
Quote Generation
In the sales funnel process, a sales representative needs to generate the quote quickly. Send it to the prospects and transform them into customers. The CRM application's this feature helps in generating a quote automatically and sending it to the prospect by bypassing all other communication channels.
Task Management
Task management helps in systematically executing the tasks that matter to the business. It keeps you informed about the pending and upcoming tasks. By incorporating it into the culture of your organization, you make yourself aware of it when meeting with existing customers or prospects.
Email Integration
The CRM application integrates with your Gmail, Outlook, and other email addresses. Through the crm software, email marketing becomes easy for an active campaign.

Companies that use raideCRM

The value customers expect from the solution provider is effortlessly delivered to them by the raideCRM system. Our solution demonstrates it with the happy customers we have for raideCRM.

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