Complete Business Management Software to drive your operation.

Transform the way you operate your business. Speed up the business aspects that matter to you most. Manage the operations from the supply chain to deliver your products to the end-users.

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Streamline the business process to stay Informed on the operations.

Manage your entire business's operations with a single integrated solution. Business Management Software helps your business with respect to.

tick logo Robust management of accounts and finances.

tick logo The complete procurement process.

tick logo Tracking of the Complex Inventory.

tick logo Looking after the assets of the organization.

tick logo Manage Employees efficiently

tick logo The Management of the Customers

tick logo Simplifying the Sales Process.

tick logo Business Intelligence for Future Decisions.

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Get Faster

Accelerate the business operations. Master the management of complete aspects of your business. Do days of management work in hours with Integrated business management solution.

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Redefine the business

Redefine your business and have a wider view of it. Get rid of the manual process and track the activities with a single click. Don’t let any area untouched by the Business management software.

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Improve Productivity

Help your workforce oversee the operations with the modern solution. It transforms the way they think and operate. And assist them to be more productive during business hours.

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Increase ROI

Increase your ROI with the solution. as it will help your business to be more compatible with the modern standard of procedures.

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Analyze Reports

Analyze the reports of finance and accounts. Make a future decision by viewing the result of your current position and take a step that works for your future growth.

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Do Integration

For an efficient operation of your business integrates the business management software with other solutions.

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Speed-Up the Operations, And Achieve milestones in business.

Complete Business Management Solution to Turbo Charge Your Operations. raideBMS let you have complete control of your Small business operations. The Solutions manages your accounting and finance, track Inventory, and fulfill orders of procurement, and sales. It tracks the employees, and assets and provides business intelligence to have a holistic view of your business operation.

With raideBMS you take complete control of your product or service. It saves your time and keeps the complete business on a right track. You can do an abc analysis of the available data. Incorporating the BMS solution into your business domain will help to effectively manage each aspect of your small business.

raideBMS Features

Finances and Accounts

Control your accounts and finances accurately. Access the real-time reports of your finances from anywhere, anytime.

  • Banks and Cheques
  • Cost Centers
  • Taxes
  • Reports

Supply Chain Management

Monitor your procurement and inventory on real-time. Let the supply chain to move quickly for an efficient operation.

  • Procurement
  • Inventory
  • Reports

Assets Managements

Track the lifecycle of your assets starting from the procurement, going through the implementation, renewal ending on the disposal

  • Fixed Assets
  • Asset depreciation Batching/listing
  • Asset Type Configuration.

Employees Management

Oversee the workforce of your organization with the use of the raidebms and left no stone unnoticed in respect to their position.

  • Payroll
  • Department
  • Records

Customers Management

Serve the customers on the endpoint with the automated invoice and quotation generated by the raidebms

  • Customer Service
  • Quotation
  • Invoice

Business Intelligence

See a holistic view of the entire business you operate. Build Informed decision and touch new milestones in your business.

  • All types of reports.

raideBMS is widely used.

raideBMS is a comprehensive business management software that satisfies the needs of diverse industries. These industries use the solution to take advantage of technology while producing high-quality, creative work.

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